Additional Tools

MC2 Group provides an array of tools to assist in achieving optimal results and to elevate safety and performance excellence permanently.  We provide:

  • Proven safety structures and mechanisms to manage the workspace and maximize learning
  • The guidance necessary to lead the workforce through new knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Learning and information throughout the organization to facilitate an informed and accurate perspective for all – resulting in an organization wide “distributed intelligence”
  • Developmental workshops that incorporate behavior and emotional response, leadership, communication and relationship building, and personal responsibility and accountability, among others
  • Tailored workshops for EHS personnel as well as general project personnel
  • Experiential exercises that demonstrate the salient points of the program and provide a safe atmosphere for engaging
  • In-the-field coaching to reinforce new skills introduced in workshops
  • Orientations that establish from the onset what is expected of all personnel, including subcontractors


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Additional Tools
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