High Reliability Performance System

MC2 Group’s High Reliability Performance System works with all levels and disciplines in your organization to give you the knowledge and tools to:

  • Decrease errors, risks and costs
  • Increase efficiency, quality, productivity and reliability
  • Improve morale and employee retention
  • Engage the dedicated contribution of all personnel

Creating a Culture of Safety to Achieve and Sustain Performance Excellence

What Your People Will Learn:

  • Why current approaches to safety are doomed to failure
  • The four types of human errors
  • The 12 Basic Risk Factors that affect safety and performance
  • Why yesterday’s safety procedures are already out of date
  • What is controllable and what is not
  • What you can do before something happens and what you can do after something happens
  • How different styles of corporate culture affect safety and performance
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • Identifying blind spots – including the blind spot of success
  • The dangers of self-fulfilling assumptions
  • Maximizing the hidden expertise within your organization
  • How to change your organizational culture to one that fosters safety and performance reliability
  • How to move from odds thinking to risk thinking – permanently changing the way your employees think and the way they behave

Making The Mental Shift From The “Commanded And Compliant To The Committed And Contributing"

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