Motivating Philosophy & Experience

MC2 Group develops your ability to exceed and permanently elevate your standards of safety performance.  We work to unify the efforts of all levels of your workforce – boardroom, management, supervision, operations and the front line – to accomplish and exceed objectives while:

  • Improving Safety
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Elevating Excellence

Safety initiatives all too often have a brief effect, elevating performance for a period of time and then returning to previous operating levels.  Many safety programs create an environment where safety issues are “ghosted” – they go unreported and hidden – giving a false reading of the health of the workplace. 

This further enforces an operational field culture woefully separate from the corporate culture - where the corporate culture only goes as far as the door of the home office

MC2 Group’s motivating philosophy is founded on extensive experience and research in emergency preparation, emergency response, crisis management, oil spill consulting, safety consulting, education and training.

Our approach has evolved from work with companies of all sizes and industries both in the U.S. and abroad including: 

British Petroleum
Hoffman Construction
Irwin Industries
Jordan Environmental
Kellogg, Brown & Root
Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services
McCloskey Group
Venoco Inc.
University Mechanical Engineering Contractors (UMEC)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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Motivating Philosophy & Experience
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